NEW YORK JOE EXCHANGE is a new style of recycle shop.

For those with nothing left to do but throw away unwanted clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories into the trash... For those who have been wanting to sell or trade their items but have been unsuccessful in doing so...

NEW YORK JOE EXCHANGE strives to be the final stop for those looking to sell or trade unwanted items.

We accept and sell a large variety of products, regardless of branding or generation.
All products are priced below ¥10,000, and the average pricing is ¥2,000.

Any unwanted items brought to NEW YORK JOE EXCHANGE by one person may become a hidden treasure for another. An item with a certain style may be picked up by someone with a completely parallel style resulting in an entirely new type of outfit.

Our goal at NEW YORK JOE EXCHANGE is to create a recycle shop where both buyers and sellers alike can experience the joy of recycled fashion.