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Exchange System

For every item brought in, a store price(the price which the item will be sold at in-store) will be set on the item. We will then purchase the item for 30% of the set price.
We purchase everything from clothing, shoes, and bags to hats and accessories. There is no limit to the number of items that may be brought in for evaluation.

Example: if an item is given an in-store price of ¥6,400+TAX.

→ ¥6,400 (in-store price) x 30% = ¥1,920(purchase price)

If an in-store price cannot be set on an item after evaluation, it will be purchased at a rate of ¥10/kg.

※Items, payments, and trades can only be accepted until 20:00.

※During evaluation, the set in-store price may vary depending upon the item's condition(dirty,broken, etc.) or current trends.

※Fake copies and replicas of branded items will not be accepted.

※Items, payments, and trades cannot be exchanged on the first Sunday of every month during the sale.

What You Need

  • 1)Items to be evaluated
  • 2)Identification (driver's license, student ID, passport, or insurance card)
  • 3)Parental consent form (※only required for customers under the age of 19. The forms are available in-store as well as our sister stores)

Evaluation and Purchases

Depending on the queue for item evaluations, the process may take time.
After the evaluation process, you may choose to either sell or trade your items. For more details on the trading process, please refer to the TRADE page.
If chosen to sell the items, we will purchase them in cash immediately after the evaluation.

Large Quantity Evaluations

For those bringing items in bulk, an appointment must be made.
Without an appointment, we may not be able to receive your items that day.

After we receive your items, it may take time until the evaluation results come.
(※Factors such as item quantity, quality, and queue may fluctuate the amount of time needed for the evaluation process.)

Once we receive your items for evaluation, we do not accept cancellations.

We cannot hold any bags or luggage used to bring the items inside the store.