Q1.Q1. Can items be reserved or shipped from the store?
→A. We do not reserve or ship any items.

Q2. Are the items uploaded on the blog and Twitter and Instagram still for sale?
→A.Items on both the blog and Twitter and Instagram are often purchased immediately after they are uploaded. Directly calling the store is recommended to confirm the status of any blog or Twitter or Instagram item.

Q3. How long will it take to sell clothes?
→A. The evaluation time greatly fluctuates depending on either the amount of clothes brought in, or the amount of other exchanges ahead in the queue. Evaluations for exchange items are done in chronological order, so items brought in earliest will also be evaluated earliest.

Q4.Do you import, export, or purchase stock from companies overseas?
→A.A. We neither import nor export items overseas. We currently purchase foreign items from omnipeople S.A.. For overseas business inquiries, please contact omnipeople S.A. HP

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